Your Commitment

CPABC Employer Program

CPABC Employment Partners assist CPABC candidates and students to achieve success in their studies and career through support in the following areas: study, relevant practical work experience, supervision, mentorship, and ongoing opportunities for development.

The CPABC Employer Program has built-in flexibility to ensure that the needs of CPABC's members, candidates, students, and employment partners are balanced. Agreements are worked out with each employer on a company-specific basis to make certain that members, candidates and students receive adequate resources and attention. CPABC recommends that members of the employer program offer the following support:


  • Financial support for CPA studies.
  • Paid leave to attend courses and exams, where possible.
  • Written policy explaining support available.
  • Monitoring of academic progress in the CPA program.

Practical Experience Requirements

  • Clearly documented job descriptions.
  • Relevant finance and accounting experience.
  • Experience that enables CPA students to meet their CPA practical experience requirements within 30 months, where possible.
  • Experience that prepares CPA employee to meet employer's long-term skill requirements.


  • Qualified managers oversee training regime.
  • Supervisors/managers provide support and resources to enable employees to meet work objectives, performance requirements and development needs.
  • Supervisors are CPA professionals, where possible and applicable.
  • Supervisors provide regular performance feedback, including review of the CPA practical experience requirements.

Continuing Professional Development

Once employees have earned their professional designation, CPABC recommends that the following support:

  • Individual development plans linked to organizational development plans, e.g., management development, succession, and change management programs.
  • Individual development plans that are monitored and reviewed.
  • Appropriate support and resources that allow employees to meet their continuing education requirements as set out by CPABC.