How to Qualify

CPABC Employer Program

CPABC's Employer Program provides employers a unique opportunity to partner with the Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia. The program has been designed for companies that meet the following guidelines:

  • Have hired CPABC members, candidates and/or students in the past and is committed to hiring more in the future.
  • Have a need for skilled, ambitious accounting and finance business professionals.
  • Designates an individual within the organization to act as the primary contact with the CPABC.
  • Co-hosts and participates in information events or one-to-one meetings regarding the CPA designation on its premises, as applicable.
  • Have support in place to assist students and candidates to achieve their designation through financial assistance, mentorship, preparation time, performance feedback, etc.
  • Provides the ability for each CPA student and/or candidate to meet their CPA practical experience requirements through opportunities for new professional experiences, responsibility, and career growth.
  • Supports CPAs in meeting their professional obligations, i.e., member dues and participating in professional development programs.

If you still have questions regarding your organization's eligibility to become a member of the CPABC Employer Program, please contact us.