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CPABC Employer Network

Gain a competitive advantage. Join the CPABC Employer Network (previously CPABC CareerConnect Employer Program) for free to connect with qualified CPAs and aspiring CPAs. Over 200 organizations are part of the CPABC Employer Network and receive significant discounts on the CPABC Careers Site and early access to career fairs, employment forums, and CPABC exclusive recruiting events.

Your Benefits

As a member of the CPABC Employer Network, you receive the following benefits:

  • Free access to our resume database and 25% discount on job postings
  • Early invitations to recruitment, networking, and business events
  • Promotion of your employer brand to CPAs and future CPAs
  • Access to economic updates and CPA program overviews available for employers
  • Get quarterly updates on the CPABC Employer Network and news from the CPA profession

Your Commitment

The CPABC Employer Network provides employers a unique opportunity to partner with CPABC. This network has been designed for organizations that aim to meet the following guidelines:

  • Have hired or will hire CPABC members, candidates and/or students, and are committed to hiring more in the future
  • Have a need for skilled, ambitious accounting and finance business professionals
  • Have a designated staff to act as the primary contact with CPABC
  • Have support in place to assist students and candidates to achieve their designation, and CPAs in meeting their professional obligations, where possible and applicable, in the following categories:
    • Study
    • Practical Experience Requirements
    • Supervision/Mentorship
    • Continuing Professional Development

Contact us at to connect about the CPABC Employer Network.

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