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Terms and Conditions

As a member of the CPABC Employer Network, we trust that your organization will, within its business constraints, provide the resources, training, opportunities for advancement, and experience relevant to employees in the CPA program, and will endeavour to provide CPAs in your organization with the appropriate support and resources to meet their continuing professional development needs.

CPABC will provide your organization with numerous opportunities to ensure that your profile and career opportunities are well known to CPABC's members, candidates and students, as well as to students graduating from BC's post-secondary schools.

There is no membership fee to join the CPABC Employer Network. Nor is it a legally binding relationship: employers may withdraw from the network by submitting a request in writing to CPABC ( CPABC reserves the right to remove employers from the CPABC Employer Network who may not be acting in good faith or in the spirit of the program. Applications will only be approved for direct employers. Recruitment firms are not eligible to participate in the CPABC Employer Network. As a member of the CPABC Employer Network, your organization consents to receive updates and event invitations via email from CPABC and may withdraw this consent at any time by emailing (

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