CPABC CareerConnect FAQs

CPA CareerConnect
Employer Program

How much does it cost to be a CPABC CareerConnect employer?

There is no cost to be a CPABC CareerConnect employment partner. CPABC selects organizations based on their standing in the business community and their reputation for hiring, retaining, and supporting professional accountants, candidates, and students. In addition, employment partners are offered a 25% discount when posting career opportunities on the CPABC Careers Site.

There are costs associated with meeting the requirements of the program, such as providing some level of financial support to assist CPA members, candidates, and students with educational and membership fees.

What kind of time commitment will this require?

This is up to the discretion of your management and HR team(s), depending largely on how involved you want to be. The time required to be a member of CPABC CareerConnect would be minimal.

Consider how much time you could invest in finding potential recruits and arranging a site to host a recruiting event. Through CPABC CareerConnect, employers enjoy all the cost and time savings of having CPABC organize these types of events. CPABC CareerConnect allows you to concentrate on selecting the right candidates for you and your organization.

Why become a CPABC CareerConnect partner if we can advertise positions through CPABC without joining the program?

CPABC CareerConnect offers you much more than the ability to post job opportunities online. Through CPABC CareerConnect, your organization is able to raise its corporate profile in the CPABC community, take part in unique networking events, and hire BC's top accounting and finance business professionals. Also, as part of CPABC CareerConnect, you are able to post job postings at a discounted rate.

How will CPA members, candidates, and students know that our company is a CPABC CareerConnect partner?

A CPABC CareerConnect employer program icon will appear beside each of your positions on the CPABC Careers Site. Your company logo will also be featured as a CPABC CareerConnect company throughout the website. We can also supply you with a framed CPABC CareerConnect employment partner certificate that you may display in your office.

We're interested in the employer program. However, we can't guarantee scheduled promotions and opportunities to staff, nor can we be seen as giving special treatment to CPA members, candidates, and students. Can we still participate?

Yes. We understand there are no guarantees in professional life. We have selected your organization as a potential employment partner based on your track record of hiring and promoting CPA members, students, and candidates in the past, and your reputation for a positive work environment. We view you as a progressive employer. If any of the factors mentioned above were to change, we would discuss any concerns with you.

We plan on hosting a recruiting open house for our finance and accounting department and we want to reach as many CPA members, candidates, and students as possible. Who should we contact at CPABC to get started?

To plan a CPABC CareerConnect recruiting event, contact us.

What information can you tell us about CPA members, candidates, and/or students who have applied through the CPABC Careers Site?

CPABC often receives calls from employers asking for information about members, candidates, and students who have applied to a job posting. Due to privacy legislation, we can only provide the applicant's status (active or inactive) in the professional program and respective professional body.

How can I get started?

You may contact any of our employer program team lead.